OUr workspace is for everyone

How can Manifold support you?


Remote Workers

You might work with the most awesome distributed team and use the tools to stay connected and be productive but working from home sucks! Coworking gives you that human touch we all need in our working week.



"Manifold has become a big part of my life and a crucial platform of growth. Co-working here has sprouted new business interests and helped diversify what I do. "


Digital Nomads

Our very first coworker was a Digital Nomad, pausing to enjoy our waves, party at WOMAD and work at Manifold before continuing on his world adventure.



A great place for any startup to build their network and to get support. Surround yourself with driven folks and your motivation and output will increase.


Small Enterprise

Bring operational costs down by joining a coworking space - one cost covers rent, power, internet, tea and coffee for your entire team. Our meeting room is at hand for you and your team too!


Large Organisations

Basing individuals and team from larger organisation in a coworking space is proven to result in faster innovation and more creative problem solving.

Keen to join the fold?

Our community is full of creatives, entrepreneurs and remote workers. Our plans are inclusive and flexible. So you can work the way you want.