Manifold: 2018 in Review

We’ve had a massive year here at Manifold and watched our coworking community grow and evolve throughout 2018. Many new faces have joined us (both coworkers and those attending our events) and others have outgrown the space and moved into their own premises. One thing is for certain, the community is always changing!

We hosted documentary nights, social enterprise gatherings and lots of speakers on all sorts of topics!


Over the year we also made many changes and upgrades to the space - we have a stand-up shared hotdesk now and have a flash new reception desk. We’ve moved around some of the layout too with input from one of our coworkers who specialises in Interior Design. (Thanks Sacha!)

We started the year off with a beach day in January which saw coworkers surfing and hanging out in the sunshine at beautiful Oakura Beach. We love the chance to catch up outside of the space and to spend time with our coworkers’ partners and children.

In February we celebrated our third birthday with a day of free coworking, cake and drinks!


We turned three!

Free coworking to celebrate!

In May we had our first-ever Taranaki Hackathon. We asked the Taranaki community to bring forward problems their organisation or business was experiencing and a selection of these were presented to approximately 30 participants. They spent the weekend working on a solution.

Manifold’s very own Katherine Blaney was on the winning team! (We’ve definitely got some talented people in the space!)


In July, Jacqui and I took a break to take our family to visit family and friends in Ireland - it was time for our baby daughter to meet the wider family! With a week-long stopover in Indonesia, I got to explore what coworking looks like in Bali!


Upon returning, I attended a coworking hui in Carterton where we established the Coworking Aotearoa Association to promote, advocate and support coworking in New Zealand.


We welcomed the wider business community into Manifold in October by hosting a Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Connections evening. It was a great way for some new people to see what we do here. October also saw us have a Manifold member Halloween party!

In November we hosted the 4th Startup Weekend in Taranaki in conjunction with the team behind Startup Taranaki. This year had a tourism theme and the winning team proposed an exciting idea about a helium balloon-suspended platform for bungee jumping. (Again we saw 3 Manifolders/Manifold Alumni on the team - go Tim, Naomi and Eli! - that always makes us proud!)


We held our Christmas get together at the Fitzroy Bowls Club and had a lot of fun!


Our growing range of meetups were going strong this year and we look forward to seeing those continue to grow. If you have an interest in hosting one - get in touch with us!

What’s ahead for 2019? Well, our fourth birthday will be upon us before we know it! We’ll make sure to do something special for that. We look forward to hosting another Startup Weekend late in the year and to continue building our community of interesting and friendly people! We hope you will join us!

Katherine Blaney