Bounce. How it's gonna work

For all those information lovers, here’s a little more of the good stuff on what will be happening at Friday’s Bounce.  - yessss.

It’s our first one, so we’re holding this format lightly and will be seeking your feedback to make sure it’s hitting the spot for all you lovely freelancers, free-thinkers & coworkers.

Our hope is that we can strike that magic balance between camaraderie, sharing our experiences & productivity.

Here’s a flavour of how things will roll:

  • Coffee & croissants from 8:30am: don’t be late these things are best served warm
  • *Voting of which 2 ideas / problems that’ll we’ll be collectively inputting on
  • Nutting out some real validation / solutions for the chosen 2 ideas / problems
  • Feedback on Bounce content
  • Bye-byes and dates for the diary

*this being a pilot means we’ll allocate time to get your feedback on the format itself. In future Bounce events we’ll be able to give more time to ideas / problems attendees are facing. The aim is to make sure we start Bounce with a sense of quality over quantity… as our friends at Ozone Coffee Roasters would say “Quality prevails”.

If you’d like to spread the word, here’s the FB event page. Feel free to share, like & pass on to those you think would love to get involved.

Thanks crew.

Graham Nelson