How do you manage a coworking space?


The nature of coworking is flexible and each space has its own quirks and challenges. The question of how to manage it all is one that space owners around the world have to tackle. And certainly, the future-thinking minds who cowork look to digital tools for the answers.


Due to coworkers all keeping different schedules with different rhythms, the space needs a central place where they can connect with each other. Then there's the subject of shared resources like meeting rooms and being able to make bookings so that everyone knows when they are available. Of course in the background, space owners need to manage member plans and billing too! So, finding a tool that can handle all of these things (and more) can be difficult.

We have explored several options over the past year and a half and even got started with one but had always been following what the crew at Tribes App were up to.

How Tribes Makes a Difference

A couple months ago we decided to change tack and set up Tribes for our space. We created campfires (chat rooms) for the members to communicate in and they can also view bookings in the meeting room so they can check availability when needed. There are profiles of the coworkers so we can find out more about what we all do when we're here. It helps in creating community where there are varying usage patterns - honestly, some of our members have such different schedules that they may not have met yet!

The software itself is beautiful and easy to use so there's very little onboarding required. Our members receive a digest of the day's activities so they can keep up to date on the going ons of the space.

Looking Ahead

We're getting into a rhythm with Tribes and are seeing more engagement day by day. We love the campfires concept and the conversations are beginning to take a natural, organic path with our coworkers organising lunches, outings and events through Tribes. The cool thing is that you can join the conversation even if you aren't a member of Manifold! You can get a feel for the space, the community and the events. So check us out on Tribes and find out about upcoming events and discuss anything you want with our talented community! We love to share our knowledge and part of our vision is to benefit the wider community of New Plymouth so we'd love to see you on Tribes. Join our Tribe here.

Katherine Blaney - Community Manager

Graham Nelson