Special Offer for new Coworkers


Manifold and Assistia are pleased to offer a bonus to all new members who sign up in July and August! As Katherine runs her own business in addition to being the Community Manager here at Manifold, she is offering new Manifold members one free hour of her services per week during July and August.

What could you do with these hours? Well you could have her analyse and setup processes for your business. Or learn how to use different social media platforms or create a strategy and posts. She can write your marketing emails or blog posts for your website. Get some research done - for upcoming projects you want to do or for your client work. Document editing and proofreading. Email management and time management strategies. Or head over to her website and contact her to discuss your needs: www.assistia.nz

The sooner you sign up, the greater the number of free hours! (Up to a maximum of 9 if you become a member this week!) 

The fine print:

Free hours only valid for use in July and August, they do not carry forward if you don't use them. Hours only offered for weeks remaining in time period so if you sign up on August 8, you would receive 4 free hours. If you sign up on July 12, you would receive 8 free hours. This offer is not valid for new Casual use sign-ups (i.e. Day Passes and Time Passes are excluded). Manifold invoices must be paid on time to be eligible and hours only valid as long as you remain a Manifold member. Hours to be used weekly, unless your project has specific requirements - please discuss with Katherine.

Graham Nelson