Open Day Fast Approaching

We hope you're as stoked for our Open Day this Friday as we are! We look forward to welcoming new people through the space and to give everyone a glimpse into life as a coworker at Manifold.

So, you want to know what we'll be talking about from 12-2pm?

First, Graham (Manifold's co-founder) will share more about the coworking movement and how it will affect the future of work as we know it. Then Andrew More from More CA will discuss accounting tips for small businesses. We'll also have Katherine Blaney from Assistia talking about smart time management for freelance and independent workers and Marketing Consultant Ricky Malcolm will talk about promoting yourself - and we should listen to him, he has over 18 thousand Instagram followers!

Come early and get your professional headshot done by Sandra Henderson between 9am-12pm or just come out and get some work done! We'll have at-desk massages from 2-3pm and Friday beers too!

So there's plenty of reasons to join us on Friday 22 July. Please RSVP if you want to book a desk space for the day, or if you wish to get a headshot! Otherwise, just turn up and enjoy!

Graham Nelson