8 reasons why you're better off coworking

Increase your productivity

Coworking offers a productive and inspiring working environment which means no kids, pets, infomercials, dirty dishes, post men, sales calls, friend drop ins or beds to crawl back into. Less distractions means you're more productive and what's more working from a coworking space adds credibility and accountability which also leads to greater productivity.

Be a part of something bigger

Behind any  thriving coworking space lies a strong community; people willing to help each other out, share experiences, grab some lunch, bounce ideas, around or maybe even work together on something new and exciting born out of common interests. We're only just beginning but our primary focus is on growing and nurturing a robust community. Be part of our community and grow with us!

Get social

Working alone can be isolating! We believe in a healthy work-life balance and don't see why work and play can't get cosy in the same space. So as we grow we will be paying attention to the social side of working with coffee breaks, pot-luck lunches, Friday drinks, movie nights and more.

Grow your network

In a coworking space everyone is interested in what you do and everyone wants to see you succeed, plus someone always knows someone who knows someone... it is New Plymouth after all. So growing your network and getting new business is going to be way easier from a coworking space. 

Be a commitment phobe

If long term leases have you running for the hills then coworking is for you! We've tried to provide a space where people can come, get some work done and move on whenever it suits. We have no long-term leases and no hidden costs. Internet, power, meeting room, printing, tea and coffee - all are included in the price of our plans.

Work from a proper office

Setting up on the kitchen bench or coffee shop table can work for only so long. To be truly productive you need a well appointed dedicated office with comfortable desks and chairs, ultra fast broadband and quality printing and we know just the place!

Look professional

Meeting a client at your house is not always a good look and coffee shops can often be noisy and distracting. Having a beautiful and welcoming meeting room with a whiteboard, presentation monitor and tea and coffee is a far better way to host your meetings. Plus your clients are likely to enjoy the creative energy of the space too.

Learn something new

Talks and events play a big part in any successful coworking space. They're educational, help bring the community together and promote conversation and debate. Talks and events are often relevant to small businesses and independent worker and usually provide practical tips and insights that can be used to do better work. We've already had some successful events at Manifold and are really excited about what's coming next. 

So if you feel like giving coworking a go get in touch and come see our space, we'd love to show you around!

Graham Nelson