Shared space - BBC offices New York.  Retail Design Blog

Shared space - BBC offices New York. Retail Design Blog

A recent blog post over at Creative Copilot confirmed to me that our plans for Manifold are definitely heading in the right direction. At Manifold we hope to offer multiple ways for coworkers to move around, change environment, collaborate with others or simply find a quiet corner to work by themselves. While not exactly abandoning the traditional desk and chair we do intend to set up several “breakout” areas for our users to move away from their desks and work in a more relaxed, informal manner. Couches, loungers, café seating, benches and even kitchen tables have all been considered to encourage collaboration, chance conversations and impromptu meetings.

Our chief “breakout” space (which may or may not be call “Unfold”) will be an area where coworkers gathering to lunch, have coffee, work and relax; a space where we hope ideas are born, shared and  developed. 

This fairly new approach to working and the work space has been adopted by the likes of Apple, Google, BBC and Airbnb to name just a few. And while Manifold’s solution wont be anything approaching that scale we do hope it will at least be an exciting alternative right here in New Plymouth.

An example of this kind of thing can be found here.

Graham Nelson