Trade(me) secrets

Some Manifold aquisitions

Some Manifold aquisitions

While having an office fit out by the likes of Mash Studios would be RAD we've chosen to take a more rootsy approach to our fit out. Manifold shared space will mostly be a combination of generous donations, trademe victories, antique dealer one offs and the odd op-shop find. And while we recognise not all office equipment should be sourced in this manner (desks, chairs and technology in particular) we've found it to be a most enjoyable pursuit. Our quest has taken us far and wide and we've learnt so much.
For example:

  • One person's junk is... 
  • A real auction room floor is no place for the meek or mildly indecisive
  • Op-shops need frequenting as often as humanly possible
  • Auto bids are no fun
  • Never find yourself in a Trademe dual with lollipopin
  • Friends and family are insanely giving and supportive when starting a business

Over the coming weeks we'll post some of our more unusual finds here or on Instagram so check back and let us know what you think.


Graham Nelson