Who Dares, Wins

Sign in co-working shared space

Yesterday I arrived in San Francisco after a few days on the road with an old friend. I am on a short break in California while on my way to Ireland for a family wedding. When I return to New Zealand I hope Manifold will be well on the way to becoming a reality.  

Earlier this morning I checked my emails and saw the real estate agent had emailed with a copy of the lease for the Manifold space asking for my signature. Although I am committed to creating a coworking space for New Plymouth I am naturally a little nervous about the financial commitment. Signing this lease will make it all official, I will be locked in and there can be no turning back! 

After two strong coffees I signed the dotted line and drafted the email but the nerves took hold and prevented me from hitting send. My commitment was wavering - I needed some convincing. 

I decided to leave the hotel and look for a coworking space I had read about in the Lower Haight area called Makeshift Society. Their website describes the space as... 

"...a beautiful shared workspaces great for meeting clients, borrowing tools, books or expertise, or learning a new skill. Makeshift exists to make life easier for those who run their own business."

So as I sit on a mustard leather couch in this peaceful oasis surrounded by creatives and business owners busy at work softly tapping away to gentle background music I am feeling inspired. The space just feels great - (neon) art on the walls, bulging bookcases, funky office furniture and lots of quirky break-away spaces if sitting (or standing) at a desk is not your thing. One has to feel this is a far more productive, fun and social way to spend a working day than toiling away in solitude in a bedroom or at a kitchen table. I'm sold!

So once I wrap this post up I will open that email, take one last look at that neon sign above my head that reads "Who dares, wins" and hit send. It's going to be an incredibly hectic time when I get back to New Plymouth - fitting the space out and getting the word out before the opening date. There will be blood and tears and tired minds and bodies. It will be hectic but it will be fun! So please follow along here and on facebook as we craft this special space, we'll be updating regularly and as we get closer will be outlining our plans and benefits. Wish me luck.

Graham Nelson