About us

Manifold is a space for creativity, productivity and idea-sharing. It was opened in early 2015 by Graham Nelson and Jacqueline Elley. Their vision - to start a community of coworkers that embrace the notions of collaboration and innovation.


About Graham & Jacqui

Graham is an Irish web and software designer drawn to Taranaki by its waves and coastal lifestyle. Jacqui is a gifted artist who has built up a keen following for her detailed water studies, seascape and light boxes. Together they live in New Plymouth with Jacqui’s little boy, Lee and their baby girl, Bobbie.

While both Graham and Jacqui are very focused on their craft they see Manifold as something that will compliment and enrich their endeavours and the endeavours of others. They care deeply about the service they provide and do all they can to ensure the needs and expectations of coworkers are both met and exceeded.



How we work today

How we work today is changing. Advances in technology allow us to communicate, share files, hold meetings, make transactions, market ourselves and perform countless other tasks instantly and seamlessly. It also means we can work from almost anywhere as long as we have a good internet connection. Employers are beginning to identify this trend and see it as an opportunity to hire the best talent around, talent not always available locally. The term 'remote working' has been coined to describe this new approach as it allows the coworker the opportunity to live in a more attractive, more convenient or more affordable place. 

So more and more of us are choosing to go it alone and run our business or do our work from our preferred location. But often we end up working from bedrooms, kitchens or cafes. Working like this presents it's own set of problems; distractions, isolation, a lack of structure or lack of accountability are just some and they can make our new remote working life hard.


Work better together

Coworking addresses these problems by providing a space where people can run their business or do their work alongside other independent working professionals with all the amenities and technologies of a modern office.

But offering far more than simply a desk and chair, the real value to coworking comes from the community around you -  the connections and interactions you have with your fellow coworkers, the support and encouragement, plus the serendipity and chance-collaboration that happens in a creative environment. Benefits you simply can't get while working from home.

There are lots of other advantages to coworking including flexible plans, no long term lease, a fully furnished office, ultra fast broadband and no hidden costs. However, the community that supports the growth of you and your business and that can provide a sounding board for your goals and ideas is one of the strongest arguments for choosing to cowork.



If you think coworking is for you or feel you have more questions about coworking at Manifold, get in touch.